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Breaking Routine

I often fall into the habit of repeating the same routine throughout the day or when I perform certain tasks. For me this could look like waking up between 9:30 and 10:30, going upstairs to grab a bite to eat, and let the dogs in or out of the house. Then I head back down to play some games and try to figure out my day, but honestly I usually stay home. You see, falling into a routine like this can start to blend together the days and tasks at hand, and indirectly can damage your spiritual life if you're not careful. You can start becoming complacent and comfortable, and while being comfortable isn’t always bad, it can sometimes cause someone to become wasteful and unthankful.

This is where the act of breaking routine becomes not a hindrance, but a useful tool to add perspective and a bit of adventure. While in the moment it might be inconvenient, usually the experience is worth the disturbance. For me, breaking my routine to visit friends and go work a few odd jobs has been a breath of fresh air. I’m usually a solitary person and am fine alone, but seeing them and catching up on how they’ve been was fun and I learned about some of the things they’re dealing with. Working the odd jobs adds a sense of responsibility for that project and respect for the family offering the job. These both indirectly affect my spiritual life. They give me a fresh and broad range of topics to discuss with God when I pray and allow me to ask for his blessing in their lives as well as my own.

Sometimes even the most random encounters or events connect us with others. I believe they’re blessings in disguise. Some of the times I’ve been the closest to God is when my routine has broken completely and all I can do is lean on him. Moving from the town I grew up in and away from all my friends definitely had this impact. I had God, my family, and little else. Yet, my faith grew stronger.

Next time something comes up that may break your routine think about taking the risk. See if it will give you an opportunity to help someone else or expand your faith.

- Blake Gorton

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