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God is Still Present

This week I would like to share with everyone a daily tradition I do every night. We call them “Gigs”. This acronym stands for God is good. Basically this tradition that I practice helps me to pull out reasons for how God has made my day better or a place in the day where I felt God’s presence the most. Some examples of “Gigs”, are I know God is good because he painted the sky with a beautiful sunset and for that I know God is good because our almighty God is an artist and aims to please us.

Another example of a “Gig” is I know God is good because today on my run he blessed me with motivation and strength to keep going and pursuing my goals. This method of gratitude helps me to pick out the wondrous ways God is ever so present in our everyday lives. In doing this it allows me to have gratitude and to thank God for everything he has done for me and provided me with. In doing “Gigs” and looking over my day, this allows me to remember to not only thank God for everything but to also connect with God in devotion, prayer, worship, ect. In Psalms 9:1 it states, “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds,” in this it describes us being thankful but also to share our thankfulness with others. As our country, nation, and world are going through much distress and the feeling of being uncomfortable, I encourage you to look for the good. God is still working in your lives, things may seem rough and never-ending, but God’s work is continuous and will never cease to exist! As the week goes on at the end of your day I encourage you to ask yourself this question, how has God revealed his glorious ways to you on this day? In other words, what is your “Gig”?

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