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Running Home

As some of you may know I went to running camp this past week and a half. Yeah, yeah, who would pay to run? Well, it’s not just a running camp but it’s also a Christian camp. Set up with a run in the morning, games in the day, and worship/service at night. I’d like to share one of the messages that was preached to me with you all, with slight adjustments to my perspective.

In Luke 15:11-32 it tells the story of the protocol son. To sum it up, the son wanted out he was convinced he could live a better life if he just had the money to do so, so he asked his very wealthy father for his split of the inheritance before he passed. Although this was a very rude request because he had not yet passed, the father agreed. The son went off to some distant country and blew all his money on drinks, drugs, etc. He ended up poor and obtaining a job watching pigs. He was fed so poorly that the pig's snob looked appealing to him. He reckoned with himself and realized even his father's servants were fed and well maintained, so his plan would be to return beg for forgiveness and ask for a job as his father's slave. When he returned home his father ran to him, embraced him, clothed him, and prepared a party to celebrate the return of his lost son. The son did not deserve to come back to a father willing to forgive him, willing to love him again, or willing to claim him once more. He did not deserve any of it, he ran away from it all!

The point of the story is that no matter how far you run from our almighty God, he will always and I mean always be willing to accept you blindly and feed you, love you, clothe you, and to throw a party for your arrival! God loves you so much, and he just longs and craves a relationship with you. Whatever you are “running” from, whether that be mistakes you’ve made or self-hate. God wants you to run home to him. He wants you to find rest in him. He will make everything ok, he loves you, and he will forgive you! This week I encourage you to figure out what you may be running from, and instead of running in the opposite direction, run into God’s arms of forgiveness and love!

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