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We're back this Sunday! But here's what has to happen...

Church family,

Many churches across Kansas and in Winfield have decided to close their doors during this season, especially as the virus numbers increase and the pandemic worsens. We suspended in-person worship for the past two weeks after clear evidence that the virus had been present within our facilities.

Our church leaders and staff are faced with only two options at this point: either we keep our doors closed or we return with extreme social distancing measures in place.

We have decided to return to in-person worship this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. I cannot wait to physically gather in the name of Christ with you again! But in order to do this, we’ll need your help. Masks must be worn at all times inside any building on our church property, in accordance with the city of Winfield’s mask mandate. Please avoid hugs and handshakes. Please keep your mask on even when seated in a pew. We’ve also temporarily removed our coffee stations (if you want coffee Sunday morning, please bring it with you). I know this isn’t ideal, and it’s not what we’re used to doing. But remember, either we meet with these restrictions, or we can’t meet at all.

Looking beyond Sunday, we’ve cancelled our Wednesday evening meals and our annual Christmas dinner. Small group, Sunday School classes and our kids and teen ministries can continue to meet only with full mask wearing requirements.

These changes are in response to the increase in virus activity here in Winfield and around Kansas. Hospitals are filling up; schools are closing. We must be cautious and smart. If you’d rather not wear a mask or cannot for any particular reason, we’ve got online Sunday School (here's the link through Zoom) and online streaming of our worship services (through Facebook Live and our website). These are excellent alternatives if you’re feeling sick, can’t wear a mask or aren’t comfortable leaving your home.

Thanks for your patience, flexibility and help. We need it! Please continue to pray for the health of our community, for patience and strength for our educators and that the Kingdom of God would shine through us even brighter in this dark world. Thank you!

May the Lord bless you and keep you on His day!

Pastor Billy Byler

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